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Find A Hobby That Can Help Strengthen Cognitive Skills this Year

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Some associate mental stimulation to some oversimplified computer programs where seniors click around, but improving mental agility does not have to be something that seniors might not enjoy.  Everyday activities can also achieve the goal of strengthening your cognitive skills.  For example, drawing, painting, and knitting may seem like calm and relaxing hobbies, but they can keep the brain of seniors active and alert .  Your traditional games like chess, scrabble, or jigsaw puzzles are also great to keep seniors having fun while stimulating their cognitive skills.  Not only can these activities keep them from boredom, but the can also help with maintaining a healthy brain and preventing Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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Use Different Activities to Keep the Mind Engaged

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When you get to a certain age, our minds slow down a bit, and we don’t actively seek as many mind-engaging activities to do.  However, a study suggests that it doesn’t matter which type of activities seniors are doing, the fact that they are doing different types of activity can encourage them to use their brains more.

These activities do not have to be solving rocket science to challenge the brain, but rather engaging with different parts of the brain with activities such as crossword puzzles, painting, card games, recollecting life stories, etc.  Furthermore, dancing is a fun and sociable activity has shown great for be beneficial for the mind.

So if you or your elderly loved ones are looking for ways to spend your time, just try as many new activities as possible to keep your mind active!

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