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24 Hour Non-Medical Caregiver Support Services for the Elderly

a-1 home care breast cancer early detectionHome Care vs. Home Health Care

Non-medical home care services provide caregiving services for those who need basic assistance with household chores, such as cooking, cleaning, companion care, light housekeeping, medication reminders, and toileting care.

Home health care services are considered clinical whereas home care services are not.  By “clinical,” we mean that skilled nursing care is required as part of support services for the senior.  This may include rehabilitative therapy, IV therapy and injections, catheter care and tracheotomy care.  Home health care does not include assistance with daily living activities.

Financial Assistance for In-Home Care Services

Long-term care insurance does not cover home health care, but it does cover home care if it is covered in the policy.  Oftentimes, when Medicare benefits run out for low-income seniors, they have to resort to other forms of financial means to pay for 24 hour in-home care.  This is where long-term care insurance and veteran benefits come in, and if your employer’s benefits package included elder care as part of the pension plan, that will cover you too for a while.  As seniors are living longer, benefits are running out, and eventually families have to pay out of pocket.

About A-1 Home Care in Altadena

Luckily for communities around Altadena, A-1 Home Care offers the highest quality of senior care at the most competitive rates in LA County.  Since its inception in 1991, A-1 Home Care has been providing stellar 24 hour and live-out caregiving services to satisfied clients who continually refer friends and relatives to us.  We are licensed, bonded and insured, making sure that your elderly loved ones receive superior in-home care and are protected from fraud and predators.  Our phone lines will always connect you to a live operator 24 hours a day.  Never deal with an automated answering system again!

For more information, call A-1 Home Care today (626) 287-0250 or visit our website www.altadenainhomecare.com for services in Altadena, Pasadena, Glendale, Glendora, Azusa, Arcadia, Burbank, Hollywood, and other surrounding cities.

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When to Start Hospice Care

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When a loved one is suffering from a terminal illness it is tough. How do you decide when to start hospice care? The time to start hospice care is when treatment is no longer working and the main focus shifts to providing comfort for the patient. This is usually when the doctor announces the patient has less than six months. Hospice & Palliative Care Federation of Massachusetts suggests ” By contacting hospice early in the diagnosis  the patient and family reserve time to understand their options and choose the path that will have the most positive impact on quality of life.”Before making the decision to switch to hospice care, discuss this with families and doctors. 

A-1 Home Care in Altadena offers hospice care along with general in home senior and elderly care services. Hospice care is also available in Pasadena, Alhambra, Arcadia, La Crescenta, Sierra Madre, Rosemead, San Marino, or other cities in Los Angeles County or San Gabriel Valley.

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Altadena Hospice Care Caregiver

a-1 home care hospice care caregivers altadena

Altadena Hospice Care Caregivers provided through A-1 Home Care are centered on the family and well-being of the client. We understand how stressful and difficult it can be for primary family caregivers to watch over and care for a dying loved one. With the help of a hospice care caregiver, the weight of the responsibilities you feel will lift and the burden of care giving will be less hard to bare. Having a trusted and trained individual welcomed in your home to provide care will not only benefit the client, but the entire family as well. Caregivers have often been noted as the greatest blessings to come out of difficult situations such as these, and our caregivers work specifically to display an attitude of hope and compassion at all times.

A-1 Home Care works with hospice care caregivers in AltadenaPasadena, Alhambra, Arcadia, La Crescenta, Sierra Madre, Rosemead, San Marino, or other cities in Los Angeles County or San Gabriel Valley.

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Altadena Caregiver


a-1 home care altadena caregiver

A-1 Home Care is an Altadena caregiver agency, dedicated to providing excellent, personalized elder care services with a human touch.  Our skilled caregivers have experience working with clients in difficult physical conditions and we can adjust for doctor recommended lifestyle choices and diet. It is always difficult to appoint a stand in to care for your beloved family member when you cannot be there yourself. A-1 Home Care aims to make this transition as easy as possible. Our live, intake counselors are readily available 24 hours a day to compile detailed reports that match clients based on factors such as personality, health condition, location, desired experience and more.

A-1 Home Care works with caregivers in  AltadenaPasadenaAlhambraArcadiaLa Crescenta-MontroseSierra MadreRosemead and San Marino.

Call 626-287-0250 to hire a caregiver in Altadena 

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Caregivers Altadena CA


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A-1 Home Care is an Altadena caregiver agency with a focus on a human approach and warm interpersonal relationships. We specialize in live in senior care, but our in home care services also include hourly care, weekend care, respite care, short term, and long term care. A-1 Home Care is dedicated to providing a superior eldercare experience, starting with your first phone call to our 24 hour live operators. A-1 Home Care offers tailored and affordable services to each of our clients based on specific needs, personality, affordability and more. A-1 Home Care works with Caregivers in Altadena, Pasadena, Alhambra, Arcadia, La Crescenta-Montrose, Sierra Madre, Rosemead and San Marino.

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