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Caregiver Scams: Just a Phone Call or Something More?

a-1 home care home care whittierWhen you hire a caregiver for live-in care or live-out care, you expect her to work – prepare nutritious (and delicious) meals, wash the dishes, clean the house, assist with bathing and grooming, perform personal care tasks and other duties as assigned.  You also expect a pleasant personality to go with a high level of competence and professionalism.  If a caregiver takes a personal call or two, you may tolerate it, but what if the caregiver takes an unusual volume of incoming calls?  Is she being lazy or is there something more to it?

Listen to Your Gut and Take Action

A caregiver’s excessive phone use may signify there is some sort of conspiracy going on if it seems like the personal care aide cares more about her external network of relationships than being attentive to your elderly loved one’s needs.  Who knows if the “caregiver” is receiving orders from an outsider who’s calling the shots?  If you hire a caregiver from A-1 Home Care in Altadena, you will have no such problem.  A-1 Home Care is serious about in-home care and making sure your elderly loved ones are 100% satisfied without an inkling of suspicion.  We have very strict guidelines for our caregivers, and you can always ask our care managers what our guidelines are so that you can report any suspicious behavior to our agency if anyone is violating our agency’s rules.

About A-1 Home Care in Altadena

A-1 Home Care in Altadena is one of the few home care agencies in California that have successfully received state licensure.  Established in 1991, A-1 Home Care has been delivering exceptional senior care services to thousands of families all over LA and Orange County.  We have a culturally diverse pool of caregivers; you can pick and choose any caregiver you want if you have a specific preference for culture and language.  Being “licensed, bonded and insured” means that every caregiver we recruit is required to pass an extensive criminal background check, professional reference verification and DMV record check.  Your trust and satisfaction are our priority – and customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!  We’re open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including major holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

For home care you can trust, call A-1 Home Care today!  (626) 287-0250 or visit our website for services in Altadena, Pasadena, Glendale, Glendora, Azusa, Arcadia, Burbank, Hollywood, and other surrounding cities.

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Does your elderly loved one have Alzheimer’s?

24 hour care in altadena a1 home careAlzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia that begins very slowly, long before clinical symptoms emerge.  It accounts for 60% to 80% of dementia cases, and your elderly loved one may be at risk if he or she manifests the following symptoms:  forgetting recent conversations, one’s own address, and recent events.  Everyone has some sort of temporary memory loss, such as forgetting where you parked or placed your keys.  However, if your loved one starts to forget important dates such as birthdays and holidays, their memory loss could disrupt their daily function in life.  A-1 Home Care in Altadena will be there for you whether you need a caregiver in the beginning, middle or advanced stages of Alzheimer’s for your loved ones.

Alzheimer’s Care Requires Professional Training

For the time being, you or your spouse and children may be able to help with chores or taking your parent to a doctor’s appointment.  However, as Alzheimer’s progresses, the level of care also increases, which requires formal medical training in elder care.  Taking care of your elderly loved one without the proper training may be detrimental not only to your parent or grandparent, but also to your own health as well.  A-1 Home Care in Altadena has a diverse pool of caregivers from which you can choose to suit your elderly loved one’s comfort levels.  Having a live-in caregiver helps a lot; it’s nice knowing that you have a highly seasoned and skilled certified nurse aide at home taking care of your elderly loved one while you are working to provide for your family.

About A-1 Home Care in Altadena

A-1 Home Care is one of the few home care agencies in California to receive state licensing for elder care.  This means that as a licensed, bonded and insured agency, we extensively screen every caregiver, certified home health aide, certified nurse aide, and licensed vocational aide before they are allowed to take care of your loved ones.  We take senior safety very seriously!  A-1 Home Care protects seniors from predators and fraudulent scams while providing the best possible senior care at the most competitive rates in Altadena and LA County.  Choose from live-in care, live-out care, 24 hour care, overnight care, Alzheimer’s Care, Multiple Sclerosis Care, Lou Gehrig’s Care, and various other types of in-home care at affordable rates.

For more information, talk to one of our care managers at A-1 Home Care (626) 287-0250 or visit our website for services in Altadena, Pasadena, Glendale, Glendora, Azusa, Arcadia, Burbank, Hollywood, and other surrounding cities.

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Altadena In-Home Care: Avoid Mishaps and the “Blame Game” for Elderly Falls

a1 hospice care altadenaA lot can be said about “accidental falls” that happen frequently in residential facilities that no one wants to be accountable for.  According to an online news source, Marjorie Herron, 97, passed away six days after her fall when she slipped out of her bathing chair and hit her head on the floor.  Was anyone there to monitor her mobility or assist her with bathing?  Nobody knows.  Although the facility chalks it up to an accident, Herron’s daughter, Gwen Law, believes the fall was preventable.  “We have made many changes to staff training and bath procedures to reduce the likelihood of accidents like this happening again,” said Anna Maria D’Angelo, senior media relations officer of the facility.  It’s the family’s word versus the staff management, media experts and attorneys representing the facility.  This story that leaked out into the media is a microcosm of the bigger problem that’s occurring in residential facilities across the United States.  Can you avoid lack of accountability and increase safety for your elderly loved one?  Absolutely.  Hiring a live-in caregiver who can look after your elderly loved one 24 hours a day will dramatically minimize the chances of a fall.  A-1 Home Care in Altadena has a wonderful team of trained, certified in-home caregivers who have years of experience caring for seniors.

Nobody loves your parents or grandparents like you do.  However, can you trust that someone else can take care of your elderly loved ones like you would?  If you have an aging mother or father staying at a facility where senior residents far outnumber the staff, how can you be completely sure that your loved one is safe from making deadly mistakes?  And if an accident does happen – God forbid – will any facility staff member be brave enough to own up to the negligence?  There’s an article on titled, “Dementia Training Should Be Mandatory,” which brings to light the egregious problem of inadequate staff training in care facilities.

Reduce the chances of hazardous mistakes by having a live-in caregiver from A-1Home Care in Altadena to provide individualized elder care for your loved ones.  Seniors get to receive quality 24 hour in-home care services from highly skilled, seasoned and certified nurse assistants in the comfort of their own home.  In-home care is the #1 choice for seniors because they get to be surrounded by friends and families rather than be isolated in a care facility surrounded by others who are in physical and emotional pain.  A-1 Home Care is licensed, bonded and insured, which means that your elderly loved ones are protected in case an accident happens, and there is a very high degree of accountability.  Since its inception in 1991, A-1 Home Care has become the most reputable and reliable 24 hour elder care agency in Los Angeles County.

For a free quote, call A-1 Home Care today (626) 287-0250 or visit our website for services in Altadena, Pasadena, Glendale, Glendora, Azusa, Arcadia, Burbank, Hollywood, and other surrounding cities.


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Restore Balance to Your Life with Altadena Companion Care

a-1 home care home care whittierWhen caring for your elderly parent starts to interfere with your social life, emotional health and sleeping patterns, it’s time to look for in-home help.  Many adult children genuinely care for their aging parents and they do their best to help them age gracefully, but the son or daughter still have an independent life apart from the senior.  What if your mom or dad only clings to you and won’t bond with anyone else?  Have social visits become social “work,” when your friends invite you to a barbeque or party where you’re still wearing your caregiving hat?  Don’t fret!  You can count on A-1 Home Care in Altadena, a reliable source of live-out or live-in companion care that will restore your personal/elder care balance to your life.


Reclaim Your Life without Guilt

You owe it to yourself to get some time away from everyone, including your elderly loved ones.  Go to a spa, gym or nature spot where you can meditate and relax.  Go out to dinner with your friends or do something you enjoy at least once a week while you leave it to A-1 Home Care in Altadena to provide quality companion care for your parent or grandparent.  Hiring respite care for your loved ones does not mean you’re abandoning them.  It means that you are caring for yourself so you can be a better daughter, son or grandchild with a renewed sense of self.  A highly skilled, prescreened caregiver will come to your home, and for a few hours a day or 24 hours a day, she will be a delightful companion by listening to your loved one tell stories or doing activities your loved one might like, such as arts & crafts or watching a movie.  A-1 Home Care guarantees that you will love our competent and compassionate caregivers who have years of experience caring for seniors.


The Right Home Care Package for You

A-1 Home Care offers a vast array of elder care services, from general companion care to overnight care, hospice care, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care, Arthritis Care, live-out and live-in care, hospital sitting, Cancer Care, Stroke Care, Heart Attack Care and more.  A-1 Home Care in Altadena does not limit in-home care for seniors; you can also choose from postpartum care and post-surgery care as well.  Licensed, bonded and insured, A-1 Home Care protects your seniors from predators, fraud, and elder abuse.  Each caregiver applicant must pass an extensive screening process before they can join our winning team.  Because we ensure quality, integrity and compassion, our clients know that we are committed to delivering the best senior care services that Los Angeles County has to offer!  Companion care comes at an affordable price, too!  You can finance elder care based on your budget or use Veteran Benefits and long-term care insurance for 24-hour in-home care.


For a free quote, call A-1 Home Care today (626) 287-0250 or visit our website for details.  In addition to Altadena, A-1 Home Care also serves Pasadena, La Canada Flintridge, Sierra Madre, Glendale, Glendora, and surrounding communities.


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Find A Hobby That Can Help Strengthen Cognitive Skills this Year

a-1 home care senior and elder dementia

Some associate mental stimulation to some oversimplified computer programs where seniors click around, but improving mental agility does not have to be something that seniors might not enjoy.  Everyday activities can also achieve the goal of strengthening your cognitive skills.  For example, drawing, painting, and knitting may seem like calm and relaxing hobbies, but they can keep the brain of seniors active and alert .  Your traditional games like chess, scrabble, or jigsaw puzzles are also great to keep seniors having fun while stimulating their cognitive skills.  Not only can these activities keep them from boredom, but the can also help with maintaining a healthy brain and preventing Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Whether it is Alzheimer’s Care, Dementia Care, or other in home care services such as Diabetic Care, Post Surgical Care, Brain Injury Care, Incontinence Care, Kidney Disease Care, Multiple Sclerosis Care, and other in home care needs, A-1 Home Care in Altadena is the experienced and trusted source to find a compatible caregiver.  With expert care providers, you can have a peace of mind when you are away from your loved ones.  We cover the areas of Altadena, Sierra Madre, Temple City, San Marino, Pasadena, Arcadia, La Canada, Burbank, Glendale, Studio City, and other surrounding communities in Los Angeles and Orange County.

For service inquiries, please call 626-287-0250, or find more info on our website Alta Dena In Home Care.

Baby Boomers Prefer In-Home Care

a-1 home care homecare altadenaThanks to advances in technology, seniors are living longer lives, but sometimes the quality of life for the elderly is compromised.  Even though health professionals are doing everything they can to improve living conditions in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, nothing beats living with or near children and grandchildren.  The definition of “quality” depends on the individual, but if you look at the growing trend in the home care industry, it is obvious that more and more elders are turning to in-home caregivers to sustain and improve their quality of life.

Home care agencies like A-1 Home Care allow seniors to sustain a feeling of independence and to give space to their adult children.  If adult children suspect that their parents may need care in the near future, they can hire a caregiver companion to accompany their parents for fun activities, especially if they have a parent who is widowed or divorced.  Although in-home care is usually associated with Alzheimer’s Care, Parkinson’s Care, Arthritis Care, and the like, it doesn’t always have to be so serious.  Companion care is built on great memories, like trips to the museum, the beach, cafes, and social gatherings.  It will contribute to your elderly loved one’s emotional well-being, which in turn will lessen depression and ultimately improve their physical health.

Call A-1 Home Care today (626) 287-0250 or visit our website for more information.  We serve the communities of Altadena, Sierre Madre, Pasadena, San Marino, Arcadia, and surrounding areas.

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Use Different Activities to Keep the Mind Engaged

parkinson care altadena a-1 home care

When you get to a certain age, our minds slow down a bit, and we don’t actively seek as many mind-engaging activities to do.  However, a study suggests that it doesn’t matter which type of activities seniors are doing, the fact that they are doing different types of activity can encourage them to use their brains more.

These activities do not have to be solving rocket science to challenge the brain, but rather engaging with different parts of the brain with activities such as crossword puzzles, painting, card games, recollecting life stories, etc.  Furthermore, dancing is a fun and sociable activity has shown great for be beneficial for the mind.

So if you or your elderly loved ones are looking for ways to spend your time, just try as many new activities as possible to keep your mind active!

A-1 Home Care has worked hard to earn the trust of Altadena and nearby communities such as Pasadena, Sierra Madre, San Marino, Arcadia, and more.  We carefully craft our home care services and select the right caregiver for each assignment, that is why we can confidently guarantee the highest quality of our service.  On top of that, our caregivers have the versatility in diabetic care, after surgery care ,Alzheimer’s care, and many other home care scenarios to assist with any needs and requirements of the seniors, terminally ill, and disabled. We take pride in the home health aides and caregivers we place, because we strive to provide a peace of mind for every family out there with a senior who needs some assistance.

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