Power Up for your day in Altadena

We have all heard about breakfast being the most important meal of the day-and for good reason.  A healthy meal can set you up for success throughout whatever life throws at you.  But with all of life’s distractions, it can be easy to skimp out or even SKIP out on breakfast.  This is a no-no.  Make the time for a good breakfast and enjoy forever the results of forming such a habit.

A key component to any diet (let alone breakfast) is protein.  Beginning your day with a healthy portion of this key ingredient can not only lead to feeling fuller and more satisfied longer-it can even help you eat less during your day. Take a look at some protein keys to make the time for

  • Greek yogurt-heartier than normal yogurt-one cup of this stuff will provide you with 23 grams of protein.  Also loaded with calcium and potassium, paired with fruit and cereal you have a recipe for success in your hand
  • Smoked salmon-in some European countries, salmon is a breakfast staple.  A welcome addition to omelets and frittatas or on a sandwich with cream chease; your body will thank you for the nutrients
  • Canadian Bacon-got a hankering from some bacon?  Opt for the Canadian variety.  Prepared from the leaner cuts of pork, a single 2 slice serving can yield 12 grams of protein

Whether you or your loved one need help with things around the house like preparing healthy meals or activities of daily living like bathing or grooming, A-1 Home Care is here to help.  Our experienced and compassionate Caregivers are available on a Live-In or Hourly basis and will work hard to deliver the assistance you need.

A-1 Home Care has been servicing Altadena and surrounding communities for over 25 years.  Call us today at 626-287-0250 to learn more about how we can make life easier.

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