24-Hour In-Home Care Relief from Chronic Pain

a-1 home care breast cancer early detectionChronic pain is pain that persists long after the injury or disease is gone.  Mostly due to an oversensitive nervous system, chronic pain is often treated with pain killers (in the form of opiates) which have received lots of media attention due to their addictive qualities.  Many patients who take pain killers are unaware that they’re addicted simply because the medicine is prescribed.  Those who are aware of opiates’ addictive nature may decline to take the prescription pain killers, but this may also mean interference with daily functions such as cooking, writing, and driving.  A-1 Home Care offers 24-hour assistance so that your elderly loved one can rest from doing the mundane things that trigger the pain.

Affordable 24-Hour Care When You Need It

Diseases that are associated with chronic pain include arthritis, multiple sclerosis, neuropathy, and fibromyalgia.  In addition to the physical pain your elderly loved one might experience, he may also experience anxiety and depression.  For some, their chronic pain is such that it affects their job performance because they are distracted and lose focus.  If they don’t feel well, they are less apt to cook or make nutritious meals, so their weight drops and their health gets worse.  It’s a trickle effect that eventually plummets quickly, but you can step in and help with 24-hour care from A-1 Home Care.  A live-in caregiver can help with non-medical tasks like preparing nutritious and delicious meals, clean the house, take out the garbage, and make sure that everything is in order so that your loved one will feel better.

About A-1 Home Care

You will not find better in-home care anywhere in Los Angeles County than with A-1 Home Care.  Established in 1991, A-1 Home Care has been delivering exceptional senior care services, in-home care, Alzheimer’s Care, Parkinson’s Care, Multiple Sclerosis Care, Arthritis Care, Kidney Care, Brain Injury Care and other types of specialized care for over two decades.  We match each senior with the perfect caregiver based on your elderly loved one’s level of care and personality.  All our caregivers are screened and verified by an extensive national criminal background check.  If you are worried about cost, you will find relief with our easy financing options and reasonable rates.  A-1 Home Care also accepts Veteran Benefits and long-term care insurance.

For a free quote, call A-1 Home Care today (626) 287-0250 or visit our website www.altadenainhomecare.com for services in Altadena, Pasadena, Glendale, Glendora, Azusa, Arcadia, Burbank, Hollywood, and other surrounding cities.


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