National Lightning Safety Awareness Week

a-1 home care caregiver altadena

It may seem silly to raise awareness about lightning safety, especially in Southern California. Because of the limited occurrence, it is even more important to make sure our community understand the safety information when a thunderstorm does occur.

Many of us know that if we can hear the sound of thunder, then a lightning is close enough to strike any of us.  However, did you know that the lightning can still strike 30 minutes after the sound of that thunder.  Furthermore, even if you have taken shelter, it does not mean you are entirely safe. It is best to avoid corded phones, computers, or other electrical equipment as well since you are in direct contact with electricity.  Lastly, don’t get near concrete walls or floors as they are also dangerous during a lightning strike.

While it is rare to have a thunderstorm around the Los Angeles and Orange County community, it is still best to prepare for your’s and your loved one’s safety, just as you would for earthquakes.

Mobility can be a hinderence for seniors in the event of a thunderstorm, but our caregivers here at A-1 Home Care in Altadena can help. We understand that it is a stressful circumstances when your elderly loved ones cannot care for themselves, and we are prepared to provide you with experienced caregivers for their assistance.  We specialize in different services such as Arthritis Care, Post Surgical Care, Brain Injury Care, Diabetic Care, Kidney Disease Care, Multiple Sclerosis Care, and other in home care needs.  Best of all, we have a wide service coverage in Southern California, including the cities of  Sierra Madre, Temple City, San Marino, Pasadena, Arcadia, La Canada, Burbank, Glendale, Studio City, and other surrounding communities in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Please call 626-287-0250 for service inquiries 24/7, or learn more our website  You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates!

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