Benefits for the Mind, Body, and Spirit Through Arts and Crafts


Art is the result of the one thing many other species on Earth do not have, the human imagination.  Viewing and creating art is also one of the most therapeutic experience anyone can have.  That’s why A-1 Home care set up a wonderful holiday arts & crafts event in Pasadena at the Two Palms  Convalescent Hospital, hoping to spread the holiday cheers for everyone involved.


We prepared snacks, Christmas presentations, Christmas music, and most importantly, supplies for participants to personalize their own ornaments to put on the Christmas tree at the center.  Everyone  seems very energized about the event, some were very talkative, and all were getting into the holiday spirits with a smile on their faces.

We are so happy to hear that everyone at this Pasadena arts and crafts event enjoyed it, and A-1 Home Care definitely plans to come back to spread even more joy in the near future!  Meanwhile, if you or your loved ones are looking for an in-home caregiver, contact us for more information.

Our number is 626-287-0250, or you can visit us at for more information online.


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