The Cost to Obtain a Conservatorship


You may think becoming a conservator might be an easy path, but the more and more you research about the process, the more difficult it may seem.  One of the more daunting task to overcome may be the cost to obtain the conservatorship.  Here are an explanation of some of the costs and fees that you might incur as a result of this process according to  First, there is a fee to file the petition to the court, which varies from state to state.  To examine whether the person is incapacitated or not, medical professional and/or social workers are needed to examine the ward, which will incur a fee.  Furthermore, there will be a court appointed attorney to represent the best interest of the conservatee, which results in attorney fees.  Lastly, there are further attorney costs that for the conservator and conservatee after the conservatorship is established for hearings or various further filings and petitions.  Consequently, be aware of these costs so it does not surprise you and your family at the end.

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