Care at Home for Seniors & Elderly in Altadena

a-1 home care whittier elder care

Seniors and Elderly worked hard to provide for our generations, now it is time for us to repay them with our gratitude and support.  This week, all the talk in the 24 hours news channels are the sequester cut set by the congress.  This type of severe budget cut not only affects various government agencies, but it could also affect the elderly who needs support.  In this NBC News article, it states that Meals on Wheels, which is a home delivered meals service for people in need, including  and especially the seniors, would have to cut about 4 million meals.  Such meals could account over half of what these seniors or elderly might each per day.  If your elderly loved ones are not a participant of Meals on Wheels, they could still be affected as vaccinations could also be cut.  Many seniors and elderly folks rely on flu shots, and if supply is not up to the needs, they could be in danger.

With thousands of testimonials from satisfied customers, A-1 Home Care in Altadena is trusted by many around Los Angeles and Orange County for their at home care needs.  If you have elderly or seniors who live in Altadena, Pasadena, Sierra Madre, Arcadia, Temple City, or San Marino, and are suffering from Parkinson, Alzheimer, Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke and are in need of After Surgery Care, Hospice Care, or other Elder Care services, contact us to match you with one of our many experienced caregivers, home helpers, senior companions, or certified nurse aides, compatibility is guaranteed.

Call us at 626-287-0250, or visit for more information.

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