24 Hour Home Care in Altadena

24 hour care in altadena a1 home care

They were the ones who took care of you when you grow up. They might even be the ones who took care of your children while they were growing up. Furthermore, your aging parents might be at the point where they can no long care for themselves.  This is a dilemma many baby boomer faces currently and it is a difficult decision for many. In this article titled The Dilemma of Taking Care of Elderly Parents , it addresses this situation from the elderly parent’s point of view in order to find the right balance of how it should be dealt with. This line puts it best, “there is no right or wrong here”, and it is best to sit down with your family to discuss what is best for your elderly parents.

If a home care service is in your mind, we here at A-1 Home Care in Altadena provides excellent 24 hour live-in or hourly caregivers who are reliable and compassionate. Our other quality services include general elderly in-home care, companion care, home helpers, Alzheimer’s care, Parkinson’s care, and much more.

In addition to Altadena, we also have home care services in areas such as Pasadena, Alhambra, Arcadia, Sierra Madre, Rosemead, San Marino, and others in the Los Angeles County.

For more information, please call us at (626) 287-0250, or visit our website at www.altadenainhomecare.com.

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